In the Break / like jazz

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In Jazz, the break is the space of possibility,

of invention, of what if.


The tailored virtual sessions of In the Break | Like Jazz are grounded in the cycling relationships between people, workspaces, and community— all nurtured by creativity and imagination.  The sessions are offered to individuals for one-on-one work, and to small groups of up to 10 participants. Each session will be tailored to the experiences and needs of the participants. 


Using elements of Theatrical Jazz— including vulnerability, improvisation, innovation, virtuosity and collaboration—participants work with writing prompts, embodied practices, telling their stories, and in-depth conversations around identities, histories, body truths, cultures, traditions, workplace ethos, communities, and life mission.


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One - on - one

for individual exploration

Individuals may choose this work to strengthen their relationships to their life’s mission, creative process, workspaces, and communities.


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SMAll group

For Groups up to 10

This work is offered to small groups (up to 10 participants) that would like to focus on the individual in relation to collaboration and collective responsibility.

possible SESSIONS

Exploring Yourself

Self-examination is fundamental to all sturdy social change and creativity, and provides the foundation for the Individual and Small Group Sessions.  You will explore how you came to be who you are, how your various identities shape your life, what role grief plays in your movement toward healing, and how your body can aid you in your choices. 

Exploring Yourself with Others

Who are your mentors? What have you learned from those around you?  How did you absorb their teachings?  How do you position yourself to create the communities you imagine?  With individuals, we examine how that learning shaped your self-expression, and with Small Groups we look at how that learning contributes to your sense of community.  




Creativity is the animating force for being our most vibrant selves, and for building communities of Love and equity.  Whether or not you identify as an artist, the ability to create is intimately linked with the flexibility to improvise, to imagine, and to innovate.  This session will provide opportunities to explore art forms and strengthen your creative impulses. 

Exploring Yourself in Your Everyday World

Here, we ask you to examine how vulnerability, relationship formation and creativity manifest in all aspects of your life, giving particular attention to material resources, task completion and the vision you hold for yourself and the world. Our goal is to help individuals follow paths to their brightest sense of themselves, and help organizations pursue their boldest missions.